October 2014 - Present Visiting Research Fellow
The Open University, U.K.
September 2014 - Present Full-Time Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Notre Dame University - Louaize (NDU), Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon
September 2007 - August 2011 Part-Time Computer Science Instructor
Notre Dame University - Louaize (NDU), Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon
CSC 650 - Advanced Human Computer Interaction
This course covers various Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) topics such as designing user interfaces (UIs), conducting empirical studies to evaluate UI designs, and engineering adaptive model-driven interactive software systems. The students are also exposed to HCI research, by exploring papers that are relevant to the covered topics.
CSC 623 - Advanced Sofware Engineering
This course covers a number of advanced software engineering topics, which span different stages of the software development lifecycle. The students are also exposed to the research being carried out in this discipline by exploring research papers relevant to the covered topics, which range from requirements to maintenance.
CSC 426 - Principles of Database Systems
This course covers fundamental concepts related to database design and implementation. The students learn how to produce database design models, and then develop them into a working database by using a database management system. They also learn how to implement queries for working with a database’s data and structure.
CSC 423 - Software Engineering
This course provides an overview of software engineering. A number of topics are explored to demonstrate different stages of the software development lifecycle. The students learn to appreciate the importance of applying a systematic, disciplined, and quantifiable approach to all aspects of software production.
CSC 323 - Object Oriented Design
This course emphasizes the object-oriented paradigm. It covers programming, modelling, and design concepts, which are essential for producing high-quality software. The students learn how to devise simple object-oriented software applications, for solving real-world problems.
CSC 226 - Database Programming for Business
This course introduces the fundamental concepts for designing, using, and implementing database systems. Students will appreciate the importance of databases, as resources that must be well managed and understood.
CSC 217 - Computer Programming 2
Several topics are presented in this course. User interface related chapters include: simple and complex Windows applications, event-driven programming, deployment of Windows applications, MDI forms, dialog boxes, menus, custom components and user controls, etc. This course also covers advanced object- oriented programing concepts and techniques in addition to memory management.
July 2005 - September 2011 Senior Software Developer / Solution Architect
SoftMachine s.a.r.l., Jounieh, Lebanon
Selected Projects
2006 - 2011 : Argus (ERP System)
This general purpose ERP system manages various enterprise activities by offering modules such as: Accounting, Fixed Assets, Inventory, Money Transfer, Sales, Purchases, Payables, Receivables, etc.
C#, Windows Forms, XML Web Services, Windows Services, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, MVC Architectural Pattern, Three Tiered Architecture
Contribution: I architected this software application, designed and developed its core framework, and significantly contributed to its development. I also developed several external supporting Windows Services and Web Services.
2009 - 2010 : MyTracks (Web-Based Vehicle Tracking)
This web application provides a vehicle tracking service based on GPS.
C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, JavaScript (jQuery, AJAX), HTML, CSS, Google Maps, Web-Centric Architecture
Contribution: I developed the entire front end of this web application, which allows end-users to monitor their vehicles in real time on Google Maps. I also developed a Windows service for managing the communication between the GPS devices and the vehicle tracking server.
2008 - 2009 : DenPro (Dental Practice Management)
This software application supports dentists in managing their daily dental practice activities.
C#, SQL Server, Windows Forms, XML Web Services, Windows Services, SMS, Email, and Fax Notification, Three Tiered Architecture, MVC Architectural Pattern
Contribution: This software is built on top of a framework that I designed and developed. I developed the main highly graphical features of this software including: Appointment Scheduling, Dental Chart, X-Ray Management, etc. I also developed an external software tool that handles SMS, Email, and Fax notifications.
2007 : ArgusPOS (Point of Sale)
This software has a variety of features that are required in a basic point of sale application. It integrates with the POS hardware and manages daily activities. Additionally, it is linked to the Argus ERP system in order to provide easy management and monitoring of all POS machines on the network.
C#, Windows Forms, SQL Server, MVC Architectural Pattern, Client Server Architecture, Distributed Databases, Microsoft POS.NET
Contribution: I solely conducted the analysis, design, development, and deployment of this entire software. I also developed an external tool for managing data synchronization between the POS machines and the servers.
2005 - 2006 : Web Argus (Web-Based ERP System)
This modular web-based ERP system provides a desktop style user interface on the web. Traditional navigation from one page to another is substituted by MDI windows that float inside the browser.
C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript (AJAX), HTML, CSS, SQL Server, Rational Rose, Web-Centric Architecture
Contribution: I significantly contributed to the development of this system’s framework and features. I also modelled part of its requirements and design using UML.
2005 : ADS (Development Tool)
This software is a visual GUI design tool that incorporates a design-time surface, a toolbox, and a property box that are similar to those provided by Visual Studio.NET. This tool was developed for supporting the dynamic customization of GUIs.
C#, Windows Forms, SQL Server, Client Server Architecture
Contribution: I was solely responsible for the design and development of this software tool.
July 2005 - August 2006 Part-Time Software Developer
Librairie Antoine S.A.L., Sin El Fil, Lebanon
November 2004 - June 2005 IT Department Member / Software Developer
Librairie Antoine S.A.L., Sin El Fil, Lebanon
Selected Projects
2004 - 2005 : Online Sales (Amazon Sales Management)
This software manages book sales on multiple Amazon platforms (FR, UK, US, etc.). It handles some standard business transactions such as invoicing and automated multilingual customer notification. It also offers complex decision support tools that help, for example, in obtaining the best sale prices for books based on multiple sources of data.
VB.NET and C#, SQL Server, Access, Interbase (Firebird), MySql, Excel, Client Server Architecture, Amazon Web Services
Contribution: I solely designed and developed the entire features of this software application.
Non Commercial
Non Commercial
November 2001 - June 2004 Personal Student Projects
Notre Dame Univesity - Louaize
Selected Projects
2003 - 2004 : Web Integrated Tralking Environment (WITE) (WEB IDE)
I developed this web development tool for my senior study. It supports valid XHTML generation and includes several additional tools such as: CSS Editor, Web Browser, Image Viewer, Text Editor, Text to Speech Engine, etc.
Visual Basic 6, VB.NET, Desktop Standalone Tool